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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Is my Active Directory Backed Up?

Nothing bites you back harder than bad backups in a situation in which you need to restore stuff in Active Directory . Few days ago, I was on a visit to one of our clients , he asked me "Is there is a fast way that I can use to confirm that my Active Directory Database was backed up ?" , I answered "Yes , there is". 

Although backing up of Active Directory database can be performed using tons of ways , a simple command can be used to assure that your Active Directory database was backed up, which is :

 repadmin /showbackup 

This will show you when your last backup of Active Directory ran.  You don’t need to run it against a specific DC because Active Directory doesn’t care.  If you have child domains in your environment and want to run this against them all just put a "*" at the end of the command and it will check all the domains. Now go out there and make sure your Active Directory is backed up!!!

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