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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Microsoft Outlook Configuration Analyzer Tool 2.0 is here

As posted earlier here for OCAT version 1.0 , the second version of Outlook Configuration Analyzer Tool (OCAT) provides a quick and easy method to analyze your Microsoft Office Outlook profile and mailbox for common configurations that may cause problems in Outlook. This can be very useful for busy Help Desk personnel when end-users call for help with Outlook or when you want to identify possible issues with Outlook proactively.


This release includes a lot of enhancements such as :

  • Automatic downloading of new detection rules : Allows updates from Microsoft for error detection /information gathering rules
  • Automatic downloading of OCAT installation files : All OCAT application fixes will be automatically detected upon connecting to internet and prompt admin for download
  • Addition of the CalCheck tool : The magnificent CalCheck command line tool which used for problems with Outlook calendars issues is now embedded with OCAT V2.
  • Addition of new detection rules : Around 75 new detections rules we added since OCAT V1
  • Improved support for Outlook 2003 : Some enhancements were added for Outlook 2003 support
  • Command-line version of OCATcmd.exe : A command line version of OCAT V2 that can be used by admins to scan computers in their organizations [ Check OCAT v2 supplemental information for how to use OCATcmd.exe ]

You can get both OCAT V2 and OCAT v2 supplemental information from here

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