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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Microsoft System Center–Designing Orchestrator Runbooks [ A free MS Press Book ]

Interested to know more about Microsoft System Center Orchestrator ? and how to correctly and efficiently design its runbooks ? , if so, you will be happy to know that Microsoft press have recently published a free book covering these points, Microsoft System Center : Designing Orchestrator Runbooks which comes in a 186 pages (PDF format).


Taken from the book’s Introduction, here is how the authors describe the content of this particular title.

Introduction :

Welcome to Microsoft System Center: Designing Orchestrator Runbooks. We believe that orchestration and automation are becoming increasingly important in IT organizations of all sizes and across all infrastructure types ranging from on-premises to cloud-based. Orchestration and automation can help reduce the cost of IT while improving consistency and quality of IT service delivery. Like any powerful technology. however, it can be both used and abused.

Our objective with this book is to provide a framework for runbook design and IT process automation to help you get the most out of System Center Orchestrator 2012 and to help you utilize Orchestrator in concert with the rest of the System Center for an enterprise-wide and systematic approach to process automation. We will provide detailed guidance for creating what we call “modular automation” where small, focused pieces of automation are progressively built into larger and more complex solutions. We detail the concept of an automation library, where over time enterprises build a progressively larger library of interoperable runbooks and components. Finally, we will cover advanced scenarios and design patterns for topics like error handling and logging, state management, and parallelism. But before we dive into the details, we’ll begin by setting the stage with a quick overview of System Center 2012 Orchestrator and deployment scenarios.

Download in PDF format : Here

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