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Thursday, June 7, 2012

“Microsoft Lync 2010 MAPI COM Server” Credential popup appears repeatedly

I ran into a situation where “Microsoft Lync 2010 MAPI COM Server” pop up appears repeatedly  , even though I entered my correct credentials it persists and keep popping up. 


I remembered that I had the same situation earlier with Outlook 2007 and after a bit of search I found this post with Allen Song reply and his valuable suggestion to save the password using the following method :

  1. Run control userpasswords2
  2. Under Advanced tab, click Manage Passwords
  3. Please add following entry:
  • Log on to: *.domainname (such as *
  • Username: domain\username
  • Password: password


Click ok  , restart your client and you will never see this popup again Winking smile


  1. good idea , but if a company have a large number of users, do you think this would be a suitable solution?

    you can try to enable the basic,Ntlm authentication type for the outlook anywhere IIS authentication.. as mentioned here:

    1. Dear Ramy , It is nice to see you here . Regarding what you suggest about enabling both Basic & NTLM authentication methods let me explain something , although IISAuthenticationMethod supports multiple values, mutliple values are not supported for clientAuthentication. If you set Basic+NTLM, it will be set to NTLM for Outlook Anywhere ( Outlook Anywhere configuration selection is made as radio button not as check boxes ] , and here come the case as even though it is more secure, recommended by Microsoft but it maynot work with firewalls that examine and modify traffic.
      So if you don't have a firewall that examines and modifies the traffic you can go directly and set your Outlook Anywhere authentication method to NTLM and this completely solves this issue , if not , you may go with what I proposed above.