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Monday, June 4, 2012

Introducing Windows Server 2012 [ A free MS Press Book ]

Today , Microsoft Press released a free – five chapters – book that introduce the latest version of Microsoft Windows Server 2012.
Here is the book’s table of contents :
Chapter 1 : The business need for Windows Server 2012
  • The rationale behind cloud computing Making the transition
  • Technical requirements for successful cloud computing
  • Four ways Windows Server 2012 delivers value for cloud computing Foundation for building your private cloud

Chapter 2 : Foundation for building your private cloud

  • A complete virtualization platform
  • Increase scalability and performance Business continuity for virtualized workloads

Chapter 3 : Highly available, easy-to-manage multi-server platform

  • Continuous availability
  • Cost efficiency
  • Management efficiency

Chapter 4 : Deploy web applications on premises and in the cloud

  • Scalable and elastic web platform
  • Support for open standards

Chapter 5 : Enabling the modern workstyle

  • Access virtually anywhere, from any device
  • Full Windows experience
  • Enhanced security and compliance
And here is the download link Open-mouthed smile

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