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Friday, June 22, 2012

Moving Operations Masters using MoveOperationMasters.ps1 PowerShell script

You may be familiar with the traditional ways to transfer FSMO [ Flexible Single Operation Masters ] roles but how about by using PowerShell ?  By now you should just know that PowerShell can do everything the GUI can do … well at least that is the way it feels to me.

As we know that we have five operation masters as listed below [ Two per Active Directory forest ( 1,2 ) and three per Active Directory domain (3,4 and 5 ) ]

  1. Schema Master
  2. Domain Naming Master
  3. Domain PDC Emulator Master
  4. Infrastructure Master
  5. RID Master

In order to assist admins with FSMO moving I have made a simple script which simplifies the moving of FSMO.


All you need is to pick the option represents the operation master you want to move and assign a target domain controller and all is done.

In addition , I have added an option that allowed you to move all operation masters in a single action ( Option 7 ) and another option to query for the Operation Masters holders ( Option 1 ) .

You can get MoveOperationMasters.ps1 script from here  , and you can get a full data on each operation master from TechNet here.

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