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Monday, June 18, 2012

Outlook Anywhere (RPC/HTTP) settings are unavailable in the Outlook 2010 Group Policy template !!

One of our customer asked me about how he can set Outlook anywhere – RPC over HTTP – settings for all of his company users.

I simply answered that the best way to perform this action would be using of  group policy with Office 2010 administrative templates . We just downloaded Office 2010 Administrative Template files , imported it using Group Policy Management Console ( GPMC ).

Upon looking for Outlook Anywhere settings all what we can found was “Configure Outlook Anywhere user interface options”


After a fast search I found this KB from Microsoft , which indicates that Outlook Anywhere policy settings are not included in the Group Policy template file (Outlk14.adm). !!

What you need to do is to download a separate .adm template that includes Outlook Anywhere settings , import it using GPMC and then the following settings for Outlook Anywhere will be feasible :

  • RPC/HTTP Connection Flags
  • Proxy Server Name
  • Only connect if Proxy Server certificate has this principal name
  • Proxy authentication setting


Just at this stage we were able to set Outlook Anywhere configuration and pass it to all company users’ Outlook Open-mouthed smile

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