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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Windows 8 activation with VAMT – Part II

In a previous post I showed that Volume Activation Management Tool which can be used for Windows 8 activation is now a part of what called Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit ( ADK ) .

In this one , I will show to you can perform installation of VAMT , so you can use it for Windows 8 activation .

First of all , download ADK installation file for Windows 8 from Here


Once completed , start the installer adksetup.exe and proceed as follow :

  • You can go with either options below ( for me I will go with Install )
    • Install : To perform direct installation of the required feature(s) on the local system and hence streams required components download
    • Download : To download the required components to do installation on another system


  • At “Select the features you want to install” I choose VAMT and SQL 2012 Express ( as I have no SQL installed ) then click Install


  • It starts by acquiring the installers packages and store it at C:\Users\%Username%\Downloads\Windows Kits\8.0\ADK\Installers ( This may take sometime based on your internet connection speed )


  • Once download is completed , installer will proceed with VAMT installation


  • Then SQL Server 2012 Express will be installed


  • At last update finalization will take place


  • Now , VAMT is installed Open-mouthed smile


Now , when starting VAMT console it will request specifying of its data location [ I picked .\ADK for local machine and created a new database named IT Guy DB ] , then click Connect


My new database is being created  [ IT Guy DB ] , then connection is taking place


  • Once completed VAMT console is opened , connected and ready for use



  1. Nice, is there any way to update from VAMT 2.0 to Version 3.0?

  2. Hi Dawed ,

    Thanks for being here. As far as I know there is no way to do update :( . If I got any new info. i will keep you informed .

  3. Here is a link to an article on importing data to VAMT 3: