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Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Process execution failed with exit code 5" while uninstalling Exchange 2007 Server

Recently I was working with one of our customers in an Exchange 2007 migration to Exchange 2010 SP2 . After installing , configuring and moving all mailboxes to the new Exchange servers and while trying to uninstall the old Exchange 2007 servers an error appeared as follow :

Error: Process execution failed with exit code 5


This is a common issue for Exchange 2007 servers uninstallation , as described by Microsoft’s KB shown here . All required is to re-register DiagnosticCmdletController.dll file using RegSvr32 as follow :

  • Locate the DiagnosticCmdletController.dll file , as below :


  • Browse using an elevated command line window to the path and execute the following command :

regsvr32.exe DiagnosticCmdletController.dll


  • Once completed ( as the RegSvr32 popup windows appeared ) , you can proceed with Exchange 2007 servers uninstallation , and it will be completed successfully


Although the KB is for Mailbox servers , it also works for other roles .

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