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Sunday, March 17, 2013

“Sent Items Management” feature for Exchange 2010 SP3

As Exchange team released Exchange 2010 SP3 which was majorly released to allow Exchange 2010 to be installed on the latest Windows Server edition – Windows Server 2012 and also to allow coexistence with Exchange 2013 . In addition , it adds what is called Sent Items Management feature .

In this post I will explain what this feature was created to do and how to use it . let’s consider that we have User1, User2 and User3; for User2Send on behalf right was granted on User1's mailbox while for User3  “Send as right was granted on the same mailbox ( User1’s mailbox )  

The situation prior Exchange 2010 SP3 :

If User2/User3 used his/her right on User1’s mailbox the sent message will be kept on at their mailbox’s sent items folder and none of those message will be saved at User1’s mailbox.

The situation with Exchange 2010 SP3 :

With Exchange 2010 SP3 you have 3 options , as follow :

  • From Mailbox : User1’s mailbox [ None at User2’s and User3’s Sent Items folder ]
  • Sender Mailbox : (User2 or User3)’s mailbox Sent Items
  • Sender and from mailboxes : (User1 & Users2)’s Sent Items mailboxes or (User1 & Users3)’s Sent Items mailboxes

In order to manage this feature , the user ( User1 ) need to login to Exchange Control Panel ( ECP ) with his/her credentials then navigate to Settings then Sent Items tab.


As you can see above,  there are two different set of options one for Sent As and another for Sent on behalf .

Below , is illustrations for which sent items will hold the message sent as or on behalf of User1 both prior Exchange 2010 SP3 and all conditions with Exchange 2010 SP3 to give a simple view of all of new options for Sent Items management with Exchange 2010 SP3 .

  • Prior Exchange 2010 SP3 :


  • With Exchange 2010 SP3 :

Sender mailbox ( Legacy behavior )

Sender and from mailbox

From mailbox

image image



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